January 1, 2014
This Land Magazine

January 1, 2014

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This Machine comes of age. In this issue, we tell stories of growing up in Oklahoma. And we take a tour of the state using the WPA’s guidebook, which also provides proof of our radical roots. Here’s a preview:

LIGHTER SHADE OF RED: Larry Guthrie finds clues to Oklahoma’s controversial history in an early state guidebook.

WELCOME TO SKEDEE: Richard Higgs thinks he’s found the oldest and most interesting example of public art in Oklahoma.

GRANDMA’S PANTIES: Janis Cramer recalls a promise she made to her dying grandmother.

BOYS WILL BE BOYS: J.P. Brammer sends us a letter from Cache about the perils of growing up gay in a small Oklahoma town.

CURLED, SLIGHTLY: Tim Carter offers a prose poem to ring in the New Year.

ORIGINAL OKIE: Lauren Zuniga is a three-time international poetry slam finalist and the author of two poetry collections, including The Smell of Good Mud, which was a finalist for the Oklahoma Book Award.

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