Summer 2016
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Summer 2016

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In this issue, we investigate the historical traumas beneath the suicide epidemic among Native American youth, follow a volunteer fire department in New Mexico's outlaw country, find out what happens when a Cherokee teenager challenges Columbus Day in Bartlesville, and so much more. Featuring Rilla Askew, LeAnne Howe, Shan Goshorn, Marcos Barbery, William Bernhardt, and other great minds from the middle of somewhere. Here's what else you'll find inside:

 THE SKUNK PAINT YEARS Marcus Bush learns a lesson about the subtleties of language.

ATONEMENT OF CHRISTIE Kent F. Frates examines the life and death of a Cherokee legend.

CHEYENNE UPRISING David Farris offers a visual play-by-play of the Battle of Turkey Springs.

IMAGINE THERE’S NO COWBOY LeAnne Howe tunes in to the stereotypes represented in Hollywood’s Westerns.

THE GREATEST OF WRONGS A passage from Geronimo’s autobiography.

HOME TERRITORY Acclaimed novelist Rilla Askew sets out to visit Geronimo’s grave but finds herself pulled toward a bibliophile utopia in Archer City.

IN MY TRIBE Jezy Gray offers an essay on culture and identity.

'TIL THE CLOWNS COME HOME Mitch Gilliam wanders the streets with America’s most hated family.

NIGHTJARS A new poem by Seth Copeland.

CULTURE AND ARTIFACT A look at the history of the Osage Museum by Larry Guthrie and Anne Phillips.

THE NATIVE HUE OF RESOLUTION Marcos Barbery investigates the complex factors contributing to the alarming suicide rate among Native youth and sweats out the equally complex task of offering treatment.

MATHEMATICAL TRADITIONS Chris Landon weighs in on the historical significance of math in indigenous cultures.

OUR OWN FORMULAS Apollonia Piña reflects on scientific imperialism and her own bloodline.

TISH A young boy has a hard time keeping his hands to himself in new fiction by Eddie Chuculate.

A NEW DAY Molly Bullock reports on the uneven, ham-fisted methods that bureaucrats employ to skirt the issue of Indigenous People’s day.

THE TRUTH A new poem by Robert King.

FIRELIGHT ALONG THE FRONTIER Michael Canyon Meyer rides along with the volunteer firefighters in outlaw country.

OKIE ISLAM James Murray traces the history of Nation of Islam in Oklahoma City.

CHALLENGERS OF THE DUST An excerpt from a forthcoming novel by William Bernhardt.

THE OLD WAYS Annie Heartfield Hartzog spends a day in the woods with Clark Inkanish.


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