Arbuckles 8oz. Candle
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Arbuckles 8oz. Candle

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The Arbuckles are some of the oldest mountain ranges on the entire planet, part of why after years of erosion they've been reduced to what we know now. The ranges also are some of the richest and diverse geological, and the underground springs that come up in places like Turner Falls have long made the Arbuckles a popular destination for families trying to escape the summer heat. We mixed Oakmoss and Rain to create a fragrance that is as rich as it is refreshing.

Top Notes:
Red Currant, Tobacco

Heart Notes:
Oakmoss, Rain

Base Notes:

Made with 100% American grown soy, poured and assembled in Oklahoma. We use only phthalate-free, natural fragrance oils. Comes in a 1/2 pint metal tin can.

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